Born in NYC I moved to San Francisco by hitch hiking from Boston in 1973. I was 23 at the time, graduated from the New York State University system (Plattsburgh campus) with a major in biology and minor in philosophy. I enjoyed my undergraduate years far more than I did my time in highschool. There is a book in all of those years but to divulge all that happened in this little biography would be getting ahead of myself.

In San Francisco the adventure continued. I arrived there a few days before Halloween and one of the first things I saw was a man roller skating down the middle of a street dressed in nothing but saran wrap to which wings were attached at the back and a halo over his head. I’m not gay, but I had friends in college who were and I am used to moving among mixed crowds. My first thought was that I had arrived in a “party city” and I would find my place here even if I am not, and was not back then, an inveterate “party person”. In short order I was home in San Francisco. I found a first place (a single room), a job (delivering computer programs on stacks of cards to a mainframe center returning program output to the coders. Little did I know I would enter an already different computer era only a few years later.


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